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Lonestar Glow

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 I have been making lotion & soap for my family for several years now, using milk from my families herd of nubian dairy goats. It was not until last year that I began producing enough products to sell. September 2011 I set up at my very first Market Day in Corpus Christi, and I have thoroughly enjoyed every Market Day and festival since. Yes it is alot of hard work to prepare for a show and keeping up with production, but I have met so many wonderful people it is worth every minute. As you browse the site I hope you have the time read at least some of the information I have provided about the ingredients and benefits of those ingredients.  Thank you so much for visiting.







 Pictured is our lovely doe Lonestar skys Lydia being shown by Katya

If you would like to learn more about our herd you can visit us at www.lonestarskydairygoats.com